Anonymous asked: I don't think you're a failure. If you do decide to go home it's because you're scared for your own well being after being robbed and raped more than once. I believe you're a fighter and you're so strong for doing this all on your own and you continue to pursue your dreams of living in NYC. You are amazing, you're strong and brave. That's not you being a failure, that's you being a strong woman. If anything you're a role model, I admire how you can hold yourself together.

thank you for these kind words they are making me feel better

overrunsanctuary asked: Muggings and Rapes are really not things you should have to face to 'make it' end of the day happiness over money anytime and you've got to think what's better in the longrun for your brain and development as a person. Fuck it you could run a pole fitness class? thats far less dangerous and perhaps not as huge in terms of cash to start but as a proper stripper as opposed to someone who just did a course, im sure you could build a business/company and have a consistent income into older age x

surprisingly i actually went to college and have a degree and experience in design to “fall back on”
Thank u for the advice I’ve thought about all kinds of different business ventures i could do
i am jus very depressed and confused right now tho
i don’t know what i actually want really
would I be happy trying to open up a dance studio from the ground up? If have to take out loans and rent a location and build clientele and i don’t think my heart would be invested enough for that to succeed

Anonymous asked: So yeah, not to victim blame, or anything, but if you keep getting raped, then maybe avoid the drugs and drinks and hanging around those kind of people. Like, it's happened to you more than three time in just over a year. This say that you are doing the wrong things with the wrong crowds.

i was trying to get money its a long story ur right i made bad decisions tho…

Anonymous asked: u still cute always but i miss the way u use to dress. unique as fuck always pullin interestin looks

my style is always changin its an evolution like the more i grow the different fits i can flaunt u feel me

Anonymous asked: how the fuck do you keep getting raped?? really sorry to hear it hon.

drinking…and doing drugs…


thank u i really needed to hear this please come off anon

~So i tried to make it in New York ~

68 weeks later I’ve been
-robbed again
-raped again
-raped a couple more time

None of that stopped me tho i kept going i kept working hard and staying strong following my dreams

Now i have the best most lucrative job and i love it so much its so classy and easy to make money and the customers are even lowkey fine as hell like 3 out of ten times and they rich as fuck

But i am leaving nyc …..

Because i just don’t wanna be around coke and cokeheads and prostitutes and evil people anymore

Ofcourse in other clubs its basically the same scene and WAYYY more ratchet…in other words if i leave nyc i will stop stripping because if im not making racks its not worth the risk

I really feel like people literally scared me away from my dreams and im going home with my tail between my legs a failure….




KOD last night 👯

KOD has the best strippers in the nation fuck what you heard